What’s a Spell? A Spell is a carefully constructed call to whatever it is that the one casting the Spell finds sacred: be it God(s), Goddess(es), Spirit(s), Angels, Universe, etc,. for the purpose of causing something to happen, or to stop happening. The care that is taken preserves order and balance, calls for the protection of all, and seeks to serve the greatest good. We will never create Spells or rituals for the purpose of harming anyone or anything, for getting something for nothing, or for anything that we perceive to be harmful, negative, mean-spirited, underhanded, dark, manipulative, or not in the service of peacemaking. We will always err on the side of caution if we’re not sure. We might then either suggest ways you might acheive your goal that is in harmony with Spirit, or we’ll respectfully decline.

Examples of things for which you might use a Spell.
Examples of Spells.

How will you “custom make” a Spell for me? Once you contact us at Proper Spelling, we will ask you to tell us the nature of your problem or wish. Give us as much detail as you’re comfortable giving. The more you give us, the more precise we can be with your Spell.

How does it work? A Spell is a way of realizing Intention. Based on what we've learned from you, we'll supply the words, you'll infuse it with Intention and the combination will, at the very least, shift energy. In the presence of shifted energy, Spirit can work Magick.

Once I have my Spell, what will I do with it? When we send you your Spell, we’ll also send you suggestions for how you might cast it. You can take our suggestions and build on them, change them a lot or a little so that you are comfortable or, ignore them completely. Magic is extremely individual.

What will it cost? The cost of a Spell will be dependent upon its complexity, how quickly you want it, and other considerations which we’ll discuss once you contact us. The range is from $75 to $200. Email us at spells@properspelling.com .

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