Spell For Opening Doors

I've always had ideas and dreams of what I'd like to do.
But none that I recall today have actually come true.
My current goal (to be a Witch) has filled me with delight,
It's given me a great excuse to take a pen and write!
I write these rhymes as Magic Spells to help me with my stuff—
The things that stand as obstacles, and make my life so rough.
They're working fine, I'm glad to say, I'm stronger than before;
But now I find my way is blocked: I've come upon a door.

I’ve come to this door many times
And never walked on through
The door has lots and lots of names
I’m going to list a few.
There’s “This is stupid,” “bad” or “wrong”
There’s “You’ll be all alone.”
There’s “No one does this anymore,”
or “Herein, The Unknown”

The name is different every time
The message is the same

O Gaia, Mother, walk with me
I won’t get through alone
Please hold my hand and comfort me
Though I may bitch and moan.
I call You—Goddess of Success
To Bless this Goal of mine,
To Open Doors, to Light a Path
With Star light and Sun shine

O Goddess who is everywhere,
In Water, Fire, Earth, and Air
I’m Strong and Happy, Light and Free
Alive to Magic!
                  SO MOTE IT BE!


Spell For Being With Rage

Roiling, Broiling, Tortured Rage
Burning holes right through this page
Give me Strength to wait it out
To calmly sit and have no doubt
That Rage will melt and disappear
Like Sorrow, Joy, Delight, and Fear.

Please ground me, Earth, and hold me tight.
Let me stand inside the Light

Give me the willingness to see
This deep old rage—
                  SO MOTE IT BE!


Transition Incantation

When I’m going from here to there
By airplane, boat, or moving stair,
Help me remember to take my time,
To make each journey a mountain climb
Where each slow step along the way
Is mindfulness & not delay
Each step a moment all its own
With feeling, texture, taste, and tone.

A trip by subway, car, or bus

A change of plans precipitous

     A shifting wind,

       A change in tide

Help me to take it all in stride

Change is no catastrophe—

         I’m on my way—

                  SO MOTE IT BE!




All Spells © 2000 Riva Danzig

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